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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Mandala Nails - Bestie Twin Nails inspired by ElspethMcLean

Hello Lovelies,

Today I am sharing bestie twin Nails, a very popular collaboration on Instagram, where 2 or more nailartists do similar design. This time I collaborated with Rangeena aka RakNails on instagram. We know each other for a while now and she is a very kind and loving person who always encouraged me to do better. We both love the work of ElspethMcLean on instagram and decided to do something inspired by her work. ElspethMcLean is dotillism artist and does intricate artwork just using dots, How incredible !! Do check her out if you have instagram.(all the links are at the end of the post) Now Let's have a look

I hope you enjoyed above pictures. I am not very good at making even sized dots though I tried my best. Here I used brush instead of any dotting tool or toothpick etc as I feel I can control the size and flow of colours better by brush. I used acrylic paints over a black base to create this look. Though it is not as intricate and good as Elspeth's but I learned something new and I hope to get better in future. Her instagram is full of inspiration for Dotticure Nailart so I will be doing some more in future too :) Stay Tuned,,,,,,,,,,,

Let me know what you think of this post?
 Have you ever done dotticures? 
What's your experience? How you achieve even dots? 
Waiting for your lovely comments..........


Check out instagram of Rangeena: @RakNails
Check out instagram of Elspeth McClean @Elspethmclean
Check out my instagram @StyleThosenails

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