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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hello Kitty with Moustache - Movember Nail Art and Celebrating Hello Kitty's Birthday

Hello Lovelies,

Meow lolz I am quite excited to share this post. Hello Kitty turned 40 on 1st November , I love this cute Japanese Origin Character. Every little child want to have one hello kitty in their collection. When I came to know that NailPolishQueens have posted a weekly challenge to do Hello Kitty Nails I was so happy and at the same time I wanted to do Movember Nail art too ! (See how tough is the life of a nailart lover :P). I just thought what if I combine both and I just laughed at myself as the idea of adding moustache to hello kitty felt crazy. But out of curosity I searched google (it's a life saver you know) and BAM!! so many images of hello kitty with moustaches which I couldn't beleive. I was super happy and excited and finally picked up two images and painted on my nails. Have a look

Movember is actually an awareness campaign raised every November in order to raise awareness about male health issues like Prostrate Cancer. Many men around the world take part in this by growing moustache , this is a fun way to raise awareness. Nail art community participates by drawing moustaches on nails :) If you look up for #moustachenails or #movembernails you will see a lot of designs. 

Below are the images with links to source who are my source of inspiration for this nailart.

Hope you like this nailart and if yes! don't forget to leave your feedback. I would love to read them. I will be shortly posting a VIDEO on how I did those hello kitties on my finger nails. So don't forget to subscribe to my blog to keep yourself updated also I would love if you follow my social pages including YouTube
update: Watch the tutorial for this mailart HERE
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