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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Breast Cancer Awareness Manicure ! - October 2014

Hello beauties,

October is celebrated as breast cancer awareness month.It's important to take steps towards the early detection by being aware. If detected early it is possible to control and cure it. Nailartist Community decides to wear pink nails just to be a part of this awareness campaign. This is also for 52 week pick n mix challenge which is the nail art challenge I am currently doing ! Let's have a look at my nailart
I decided to do a pink watermarble. I chose a fuschia pink called Fiesty Fuschia 213 from Maybelline Color Show and Blissful 5233 from Barielle which is a pale pink shade. I painted a ribbon on ring finger as a symbol of breast cancer awareness. I hope you like this nailart.



Now I would like to share some points on Breast Cancer-

Breast Cancer is uncontrolled growth of breast cells. It's important to check your breast for any kind of lumps by self examination from time to time. If you are suspicious get them checked with a doctor.  Don't Panic as all lumps are not cancerous but you need to get them checked to keep track. Here I would like to share a link where I found very useful resource regarding self examination at home. Click HERE 

We women are always taking care of the health of our loved ones but forget about our own health, so I request you all to take some time for yourself too. Stay healthy and happy always !!

  Thanks for Visiting and Sharing your thoughts !

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